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Parents and partners

As a parent or partner of a student you may be asked to supply details of your income if the student applies for student finance based on household income. This information is used to work out the level of student finance the student can get.

We’ve produced a quick guide and factsheets for parents of students.

Academic Year 2017/18

Academic Year 2016/17

How much does university or college cost?

All students should make sure that they are well prepared for the cost of university or college, and the types of funding available.

How does household income affect an application?

Every eligible student is entitled to a basic level of student finance regardless of their financial circumstances. However, extra financial help may be available if their household income is below a certain amount.

How to support a full-time student’s application

The quickest way to support a student's application is online.


By providing your National Insurance number we can verify your income details with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). This means that you won’t have to send in any evidence of your income.

In some instances HMRC won’t be able to verify your income details; if that’s the case we’ll write to you and ask you to send us evidence of your income.

We recommend that you have your National Insurance number to hand when you’re entering your financial information.

Find out about the different types of evidence you can send in.

Information on interest and repayment

You can find out important information about interest on student loans and who is responsible for repaying them.

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